Master Yack, our resident self-appointed guardian angel for the preservation and enjoyment of brandy/cognac shares his experience and rating of Van Ryns 12 year Old Reserve. Be sure to let us know your experiences too.

The Makers say:

NOSE: Ripe and dried fruits with dark berries, plum, dried apricot, spices of vanilla, cinnamon and sweet tobacco.
PALATE: Oak, strong dried fruit, hints of coffee
FINISH: Elegant, long flavour, velvet.

Master Yack says:

The Master Yack was left speechless after tasting this. If there was a heaven for grapes this is where they'd all want go when they die (or rather fermented and distilled)

NOSE: Definite fruit notes, overwhelming dried fruits ripe plum and hints of vanilla and cigar box aromas
PALATE: Cigar box aroma transformed into the palate pleasantly so, with lingering dried fruits and ripe peach
FINISH: Lingers on, subtle and smooth

Average Rating :

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