Master Yack, our resident self-appointed guardian angel for the preservation and enjoyment of brandy/cognac shares his experience and rating of Camu VS Elegance. Be sure to let us know your experiences too.

The Makers say:

NOTES: Floral notes of iris, white flowers and hawthorn in the nose.
PALATE: Its personality is very faithful to the original aromas of the wine and the quintessential flavours of the Charente terroir, characterized by delicate fruity and floral note.

Master Yack says:

I was pleasantly surprised at the maturity of this VS, with flavours exploding on the palate and lingering away leaving you wanting. Definitely one to impress when wining and dining.

NOTES: very pleasant floral bouquet, with slight woody notes of oak and a leather-like aroma.
PALATE: Sweet, summer fruits dominate here with hints of Vanilla, easy like Sunday morning.
FINISH: The finish is an extremely pleasant subtly drying finish, yet smooth, very light on the mouth.
This is definitely one for the books tastes more like a VSOP than a VS.

Average Rating :

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