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French independent family run cognac house introduces South Africans to a new range of impeccable cognacs

Long before Cognac became Cognac, there was Godet – a name that resonates with cognac connoisseurs around the world, thanks to the history of this family who took part in the emergence and radiance of this precious eau de vie. Cape Town based premium spirits company, Truman & Orange, has officially announced the launch of Godet House cognacs in South Africa.

This oldest family-owned Cognac House dates back to 1550 and today, is still managed by the Godet family. Their distinctive style of blends ensures a floral, fruity nose and palate, the foremost reasons why these Godet cognacs are renowned for their elegance and sophisticated balance. Based in La Rochelle France, the birthplace of cognac, Godet is one of the very few cognac makers to produce their blends using grapes from all six crus (cognac grape growing regions). These traditions are handed down through the generations of the Godet Master Blenders and the skills of ageing their eau de vie has been perfected for over 400 years.  The result… a drink of the finest quality that Godet fans can appreciate with confidence and poise.

Rowan Leibbrandt of Truman & Orange explains, “Godet is the last cognac house to still have its cellars in La Rochelle. Its close proximity to the sea allows the cognac - that sleeps in barrels in the Godet cellars - to borrow a very distinctive minerality from the exposure to the air, brought inland by the ocean.  This signature Godet touch is often called ‘second terrior’ and enjoyed by cognac connoisseurs around the globe.  We are very proud to be the company to bring these elegant, beautifully balanced cognacs closer to South African cognac enthusiasts. Boasting rich, complex flavours, Godet House Cognacs are quite unique, unlike other mainstream cognacs that are currently available.”

Cyril Godet, 15th generation of the family comments, “We are extremely excited to have  this opportunity and introduce our special blends to the South African market.  In our family, we say that cognac is all about ‘enjoying life’ and I have no doubt that cognac lovers in South Africa will share this same philosophy with us.”

Godet House Cognacs can be purchased at key retailers and premium  liquor stores nationwide. The range includes VS and XO blends, as well as some special cognacs and eau de vie that include Godet Gastronome Fine Champagne, Godet Antarctica Icy White, God by Godet and Godet Extra.

Range of Godet cognacs available in South Africa:

Godet V.S. Cuvée is a blend of Fin Bois and Bon Bois extra matured for 3 years in oak barrels. It possesses fresh aromas of vanilla and leather with a smooth, warming finish.  Round and well balanced, Godet V.S. Cuvée is perfect to pour at 16°C and serve at 18°C to sip on neat.  Available in 750 ml, 40% Vol. Alc. RRP R450/ bottle.

Godet Antarctica Icy White is a clear wine spirit inspired by the purity and beauty of Antarctica. In March 2008, Jean Jacques Godet, with his 10-crew members, successfully docked in Antarctica, making history as the smallest yacht to ever succeed at docking at 70° latitude south of the equator.   To commemorate this adventure, the Godet house created a unique eaux de vie that carries the profile of cognac but plays into a white spirit occasion. The liquid used for Antarctica is aged in 100-year-old barrels for two years, preserving the fresh, floral aromas of the cognac and keeping the spirit clear in color.

Antarctica is great in cocktails and can be equally as enjoyable on the rocks. When tasting, one experiences pepper notes on the nose with delicate rose, acacia wood and crispy apple coming through once ice has been added. One can expect a sweet palate with notes of dried fruits, chamomile, and orange blossom, rounded with honey and vanilla on the finish.  Available in 500 ml bottle in a box, 43% Vol. Alc. RRP R500/ bottle.


  • Bronze Medal–IWSC–London 2014
  • World best design–World brandy award–London 2014
  • Mention“Exceptional”- Beverage Tasting Institute – Chicago 2011
  • Gold Medal – Gilbert&Gaillard – Paris 2013

God by Godet is a one-of-a-kind cognac. Since distillation, this cognac has only ever been in one barrel, has not seen daylight, nor been mixed with any other cognac or diluted with water. No caramel or sugar has been added to it and no blending has been done before bottling. It is as raw as it is pure, suggesting the person enjoying it may become a Master Blender for a moment and dilute with water to taste, or simply enjoy it over a block of ice.  Cask super strength, God by Godet is matured for four years in a Limousin cask and comes in a box with two signature glasses.  Available in 350 ml, 71.4% Vol. Alc. RRP R700/bottle.

Gastronome Fine Champagne AOC is granted to cognacs blended exclusively with varietals from a tiny area of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the heart of the cognac region. In 1838, Augustin Godet, the 9th generation of the Godet family, invented a new distillation process, which enabled him to produce a dry cognac - a perfect match for a sumptuous meal. That day marked a new way that cognac is enjoyed today around the world. Gastronome is matured for 14 years and has a floral nose and a fruit-driven palate.  One can pick up notes of orange blossom, iris and violet on the nose, followed with a fruity, elegant smokiness and hint of sea salt on the palate rounded up by a dry and smooth finish.  Available in 750, 40% Vol. Alc. RRP R850/ bottle.


  • Silver Medal – IWSC – London 2014
  • Silver Medal – Mondial Selection – Brussels 2014
  • Cuvée Or – Gilbert & Gaillard – Paris 2013

Godet XO Terre is a powerful and masculine cognac. A unique blend of the six crus (Fin-Bois, Bon-Bois, Bois-Ordinaires, Borderies, Grande-Champagne, and Petite-Champagne) it is a quintessence of the Godet’s art of ageing and blending and is probably the oldest XO available in South Africa. With a luminous golden colour, Godet XO Terre has floral, fruity aromas that quickly give way to flavours of cinnamon and spices.  Enjoy this on a special occasion with a cigar or sip after a meal.  Available in 750 ml, 40% Vol. Alc. RRP R1800/ bottle.


  • Silver Medal - Best in Class XO Category – IWSC – London 2014

Godet Extra is the crème de la crème of cognacs.  Aged for 45 years in French oak, it is a blend of the oldest cognacs from Godet’s Paradise cellar dating back to World War II.  A tribute to human courage and eagerness to go the extra mile, Godet Extra commemorates the enormous effort that was made by the Godet Master Blender who saved precious cognacs from destruction during World War II, when he hid them behind a secret wall so that the reserves couldn’t be found.  Godet Extra gives a heady sensual bouquet that blossoms into velvety aromas underlined by a hint of spices and dry flowers. Leave in a glass for seven minutes to breathe before enjoying. Available in 750 ml, 40% Vol. Alc.


Established in 1550 by Bonaventure Godet, the first generation of the Godet family. Originally from the Netherlands, Bonaventure moved to the French coastal town of La Rochelle and started producing brandwijn (“burned wines” or “Brandy”), the ancestors of Cognac, and began exporting it to the rest of Europe.  Thirty-eight years later and after much success, he received his first recognition and a mark of respect from the King of Navarre, the future King Henry IV, who thanked him for the brandy he produced. 

In 1699, the family officially became French when Jean Godet was knighted by King Louis XIV and received a coat of arms.  The word ‘Godet’ entered French language to describe a small glass or a drink. 

In 1782 the Godets started exporting their product in bottles, under an officially registered trademark.

But it was over a century later, when everything changed.

In 1838, Augustin Godet created a brandy that was intended to accompany meals and to be enjoyed as a digestive.  This was different to how brandy was enjoyed previously (mixed with water and enjoyed similarly to wine).  This is how Godet’s Gastronome (still blended the same way today) and the new style of the drink was born - changing the future of cognacs forever.

In 1909 and 1936 respectively the AOC of Cognac was created and the six crus (cognac grape growing regions) were delineated. By this time, Godet was already a recognised brandy maker with a footprint in both Europe and the USA.

Today, Godet is the only Cognac maker that still produces its blends in La Rochelle France – the place where cognac was born.  Godet cellars officially hold some of the oldest cognacs available and are the proud creators of blends that contain some of the oldest cognacs one could possibly try.

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About Truman & Orange:

Disruptive premium drinks company, Truman & Orange, was founded in 2013 with the single-minded mission of offering increasingly sophisticated South African drinkers alternatives to the mega-brands that have monopolized liquor store shelves and bars to date. Offering high-quality brands from all over the world, the Truman & Orange portfolio caters for discerning South African drinkers looking for beautifully-crafted drinks with a strong sense of history and provenance. The growing collection includes agency brands Malfy Italian Gin; Mionetto Prosecco; Aviation Gin; Godet Cognac; Fortaleza Tequila; Tito’s Handmade Vodka; Don Papa Aged Rum; Spytail Black Ginger Rum; and Innis & Gunn Beers. More recently, Truman & Orange has partnered with independent drinks company Kensington Distillers & Vinters to launch their range of privately-owned drinks, including Bannerman’s Scotch Whisky; Mazzatti Beers and Grace du Roi Sparkling Wines, among others. Truman & Orange is a national business, with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and representation in all the major South African metropolitans.  For more information please visit: