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eau de vie / water of life

Welcome to Cognac Mag

Feel at home. This is a personal view of Brandy & Cognac

Our Part...

We aim to educate budding brandy and cognac lovers about this spirit we've all come to love and enjoy.

Your Part...

Ensure you actually enjoy what you drinkin or else its not worth the Guap (money) you spent on it.

More About Us

We are brandy & cognac

Cognac Mag offers an unpretentious view into the world of uppidy spirits (brandy or cognac); honestly though all the same shit depending on where it’s made. If you’re the oke on the ground who happens to enjoy a fine spirit, the guy who appreciates what he drinks chilling namagenge, amajita, the mates, bros, okes or whatever you'd like to call them; a guy who enjoys a social environment. You’re in the right spot; sit back, enjoy & brace yourself for the greatest love affair you’ve ever experienced..